Figure 146

Electron micrographs of keratinocytes.

a. Much of the keratinocyte cytoplasm is filled with tonofilaments. One keratinocyte exhibits a keratohyalin granule (KC). Near the plasma membrane closest to the surface (upper left), two keratinocytes display lamellar bodies (arrowheads). x8,500. b. A lamellar body at higher magnification, xl35,000. c. Part of a keratinized cell and the underlying keratinocyte. Located between the cells are the contents of the lamellar bodies, which have been discharged into the intercellular space (arrow) to form the lipid envelope, x90,000. (Courtesy of Dr. Albert I. Farbman.)

tion of the epidermal barrier over large areas, as in severe burns, can lead to life-threatening loss of fluid from the body.

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