Figure 142

Photomicrograph showing the layers of thick skin. Specimen obtained from the skin of the sole of the foot (human) shows epidermis (Epi) containing the extremely thick stratum corneum (SC). Remaining layers of the epidermis (except for the stratum lucidum, which is not present on this slide), i.e., the stratum basale (SB), the stratum spinosum (SS), and the stratum granulosum (SGr), are clearly visible in this routine H&E preparation. The duct of a sweat gland (D) can be seen on the left as it traverses the dermis (Derm) and further spirals through the epidermis. At the sites where the ducts of the sweat gland enter the epidermis, note the epidermal downgrowths known as interpap-illary pegs. The dermis contains papillae, protrusions of connective tissue that lie between the interpapillary pegs. Note also the greater cel-lularity of the papillary layer (PL) and that the collagen fibers of the reticular layer (RL) are thicker than those of the papillary layer. x65.

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