Figure 1214

Schematic diagram of a medium-sized vein. The cellular and extracellular components are labeled. Note that the tunica media contains several layers of circularly arranged smooth muscle cells with interspersed collagen and elastic fibers. Also, a longitudinally arranged smooth muscle layer is present at the junction with the tunica adventitia. t, tunica. (Based on Rhodin JAG. Handbook of Physiology. New York: Oxford University Press, 1980.)

unmyelinated nerve fibroblasts collagen fibers

Flow endothelial cells elastic fibers

Flow endothelial cells unmyelinated nerve t. adventitia smooth muscle cells t. media t. intima basal lamina fibroblasts elastic fibers collagen fibers w>-

r r- tunicaNntima-

9 tunica, media -

ri tunica adventitia -

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