Figure 1130

Cytoarchitecture of the cerebellar cortex. This diagram shows a section of the folium, a narrow, leaf-like gyrus of the cerebellar cortex. Note that the cerebellar cortex contains white matter and gray matter. Three distinct layers of gray matter are identified on this diagram. They are (1) superficially located molecular layer, (2) the middle Pur-kinje cell layer, and (3) the granule cell layer adjacent to the white matter, a, granule cell; b, Purkinje cell; c, basket cell; d, stellate cell; e, Colgi cell; f, mossy fiber; and g, climbing fiber. (Based on Barr ML, Kiernan JA. The Human Nervous System. New York: Harper & Row, 1983.)

I molecular f layer

ÍPurkinje cell layer granule cell layer

¡.white matter

The arachnoid is a delicate sheet of connective tissue adjacent to the inner surface of the dura

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