Figure 1124

Electron micrograph of a peripheral nerve and its surrounding perineurium. a. Electron micrograph of unmyelinated nerve fibers and a single myelinated fiber (MF). The perineurium (P), consisting of several cell layers, is seen at the left of the micrograph. Perineurial cell processes (arrowheads) have also extended into the nerve to surround a group of axons (A) and their Schwann cell as well as a small blood vessel (BV). The enclosure of this group of axons represents the root of a small nerve branch that is joining or leaving the larger fascicle, xi0,000. The area within the circle encompassing the endothelium of the vessel and the adjacent perineurial cytoplasm is shown in the inset at higher magnification. Note the basal (external) laminae of the vessel and the perineurial cell (arrows). The junction between en

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