Figure 1120

Fibrous astrocytes in the white matter of the brain, a. Schematic drawing of a fibrous astrocyte in the white mater of the brain, b. Photomicrograph of the white matter of the brain, showing the extensive radiating cytoplasmic processes for which astrocytes are named.

They are best visualized, as shown here, with immunostaining methods that use antibodies against GFAP. x220. (From Fuller GN, Burger PC. Central nervous system. In: Sternberg SS, ed. Histology for Pathologists. Philadelphia: Lippincott-Raven, 1997.)

basement membrane basement membrane

cells lack an external lamina. At the TEM level, the basal cell surface exhibits numerous infoldings that interdigitate with adjacent astrocyte processes. The apical surface of the cell possesses cilia and microvilli. The latter are involved in absorbing cerebrospinal fluid.

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