Figure 1110

Photomicrographs of a peripheral nerve in cross and longitudinal sections, a. Photomicrograph of an osmium-fixed, toluidine blue-stained peripheral nerve cut in cross section. The axons (A) appear clear. The myelin is represented by the dark ring surrounding the axons. Note the variation in diameter of the individual axons. In some of the nerves the myelin appears to consist of two separate rings (asterisks). This is due to the section passing through a Schmidt-Lanterman cleft. Epi, epineurium. x640. b. Photomicrograph showing

longitudinally sectioned myelinated nerve axons (A) in the same preparation as above. A node of Ranvier (NR) is seen near the center of the micrograph. In the same axon, a Schmidt-Lanterman cleft (SL) is seen on each side of the node. In addition, a number of Schmidt-Lanterman clefts can be seen in the adjacent axons. The perinodal cytoplasm of the Schwann cell at the node of Ranvier and the Schwann cell cytoplasm at the Schmidt-Lanterman cleft appear virtually unstained. X640.

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