Figure 1 uterus human HE x25

This view of the endometrium in the secretory stage shows the stratum functionale (SF), the stratum basale (SB), and, in the lower left of the photomicrograph, a small amount of the myometrium (M). The uterine glands have been cut in a plane that is close to their long axes, and one gland (arrow) is seen opening at the uterine surface. Except for a few glands near the center of the figure that resemble those of the proliferative stage, most of the glands (Gl) in this figure, including those that are labeled, show numerous shallow sacculations that give the profile of the glandular epithelium a serrated appearance. This is one of the distinctive features of the secretory stage. It is seen most advantageously in areas where the plane of section is close to the long axis of the gland. In contrast to the characteristic sinuous course of the glands in the stratum functionale, glands of the stratum basale more closely resemble those in the proliferative stage. They are not oriented in any noticeable relationship to the uterine surface, and many of their long profiles are even parallel to the plane of the surface.

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