Abdomen And Pelvis

• Parasympathetic presynaptic outflow to the abdominal viscera is via the vagus (X) and pelvic nerves. Postsynaptic neurons of the parasympathetic system to ab-dominopelvic organs are in terminal ganglia that generally are in the walls of the organs, such as the ganglia of the submucosal (Meissner's) plexus and the myenteric (Auerbach's) plexus in the alimentary canal.

• Sympathetic presynaptic outflow to the abdominopelvic organs is from the thoracic and upper lumbar segments of the spinal cord. Postsynaptic neurons have their cell bodies mostly in the prevertebral ganglia (see Fig. 11.27c), although some are in paravertebral ganglia of the sympathetic trunk, and their neurons enter the splanchnic nerves.

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