6 Culture and Methodology in Personality Assessment

Richard H. Dana

I. Eurocentric Bias: Reality Construction and a Belief System

Undergirding Research 98

A. Sources of Research Bias 99

B. Interpretation Bias 103

C. Reducing Bias in Low-Inference Interpretation 103

D. Reducing Bias in High-Inference Interpretation 107 IL Bias in Standard Psychological Tests 107

A. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventories 108

B. Rorschach Comprehensive System 100

C. Thematic Apperception Test 114

III. Discussion 114

IV. Peroration 116 References 117

7 Test Translation and Cultural Equivalence Methodologies for Use with Diverse Populations

Bill R. Arnold and Yolanda E. Status

I. Introduction 121

II. Guidelines of the International Test Commission 123

III. Linguistic Equivalence 123

IV. Item and Scale Equivalence 126

V. Normative Equivalence 127

VI. Technical Equivalence 128

VII. Clinical Equivalence 129 VIII. Reliability and Validity of Translated Tests 130

IX. Methodology Illustrations for Translated Tests 1 31

X. Conclusions 133 References 134

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