Three or more disorders a

are not usually presented for Asians or Native Americans because of their small numbers.

Overall, the NCS reports higher rates of any disorder than the ECA in all groups and substantially higher rates for certain disorders, such as major depression. Rather than presenting specific rates of lifetime disorder for ethnic comparisons, rates are compared as odds ratios with Whites as the reference group. These are summarized in Table II. For each of the categories of disorder, Blacks have lower rates than Whites, with the differences being significant for any affective disorder, any substance disorder, any disorder reported, and having three or more disorders. Similarly, the reported rates are nonsignificantly lower for Hispanics for all disorders except antisocial disorder, which was nonsignificantly higher. These comparisons appear quite contradictory to those of the ECA, although some of the differences may be due to the different age range and the inclusion of the whole country and not just the five ECA sites.

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