Implications Of Genderrole Conflict For Assessment And Treatment Of Mental Health And Adjustment Issues

A. African Americans

Because African American culture places considerable emphasis on the caretak-ing role for its women, therapists should move beyond a Eurocentric model of therapy and consider bringing siblings into the therapy session (Watson, 1998). Siblings who have been caretakers often have more influence on the personality development of younger siblings than parents do. In addition, dynamics of relating to siblings are often carried over into adult relationships. Exploring past sibling relationships could provide valuable insights into current individual as well as relationship issues. One example, particularly relevant, is the situation of the young Black male. The lynching of Black men and other atrocities committed against him are fresh in the psyche of the African American community. Because Black families fear for the very physical survival of their sons, families often overprotect them. Daughters may feel neglected or as if they are held to more rigorous expectations of responsibility and standards of achievement. Exploration of such issues can be extremely beneficial in the therapeutic setting (Watson, 1998).

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