Types Of Genderrole Conflict Among Racial And Ethnic Minority Groups

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Wade (1996) identified three possible types of gender-role conflict in African-American men. The first type of conflict surrounds attempts to meet the expectations of the majority culture's traditional feminine and masculine gender-role norms. The second type of conflict stems from differences between the majority culture and racial/ethnic minority groups in their conceptions of femininity and masculinity. The third type of conflict arises when the individual's acculturation, ethnic identity, immigrant status, or other similar variables have an impact on the type and degree of gender-role conflict. In addition, a fourth type of gender-role conflict is discussed that has to do with the stress of trying to abide by the gender-role norms of a particular racial/ethnic minority group.

Below is a description and the application of each type of gender-role conflict with examples from African American, American Indian, Asian American, and/or Latino cultures.

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