Native Americans

Community data on the mental health of Native Americans is sparse, but several types of statistics provide some cause for concern. High rates of suicide have been reported for Native Americans, particularly those who live on reservations. Manson, Beals, Disk, and Duclos (1989) reported that 23% of students in an Indian boarding school had attempted suicide and that 33% reported suicidal ideation in the past month. Similarly, high rates of alcoholism are reported in national arrest statistics for public intoxication and driving under the influence of alcohol. Beals et al. (1997) report high rates of disorder in a sample of 251 American Indian adolescents who were interviewed with the DIS for Children. They also found behavioral and substance use disorders.

With this background, it is not surprising that high rates of depression and overall disorder are found in the WANAHS survey, but that rates from the ECA and NCS, which had much smaller sample sizes for this group, were highly inconsistent. Thus much more epidemiologic work needs to be done with this population.

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