Ethnic Identity

Ethnic identity will impact an individual's social construction of their world and their degree of identification with their culture of origin. Ethnic identity is the self-concept that is derived from the membership in one's ethnic group and the emotional value of belonging to this group (Phinney, 1991). There are several measures of ethnic identity available, such as the Bernal, Knight, Ocampo, Garza, and Cota (1993) measures of ethnic identity in Chicano children, Phin-ney's (1991) universal Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure, or components of other acculturation measures, such as the Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans (ARSMA-II) (Cuéllar, Arnold, & Maldonado, 1995) or Keefe and Padilla's (1987) Chicano cultural orientation measure.

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