Other Substances

Other substance-related disorders with brief description of cultural variants in the DSM-IV (1994) include Amphetamine-Related Disorders, Cannabis-Related Disorders, Cocaine-Related Disorders, Hallucinogen-Related Disorders, Cocaine-Related Disorders, Inhalant-Related Disorders, Nicotine-Related Disorders, and Opioid-Related Disorders. In general, the DSM-IV does not consider these disorders as unique to specific cultures. Cultural acceptability of such disorders, however, might vary across cultures. For example, the hallucinogen peyote is culturally accepted by many American Indians during their religious services, but they rarely abuse this substance; some members in the Southeast Asian community accept opium use, but they do not sanction or promote the use of this substance among members of this community (Westermeyer, 1995).

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