Assessing and Treating American Indians and Alaska Natives

Denise Anne Dillard

Apache Behavioral Health Services Whiteriver, Arizona

Spero M. Manson

National Center for American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research

Department of Psychiatry

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Denver, Colorado

This chapter begins with a discussion of general factors that might impact the assessment and treatment of American Indians and Alaska Natives.1 The history of American Indians and Alaska Natives is briefly summarized and followed by a description of the unique demographic, socioeconomic, and health characteristics of the population. Some common cultural values among American Indians and Alaska Natives are then outlined. The chapter concludes with a shift to specific recommendations and guidelines to aid clinicians in accurately assessing and successfully treating their Indian and Native clientele.

'For the sake of brevity, the terms Indian and Native will periodically be used.

Handbook of Multicultural Mental Health: Assessment and Treatment of Diverse Populations

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