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Cultural variables such as differences in the level of acculturation and the role of machismo and marianismo among Hispanic clients could lead to partner relational problems (Paniagua, 1998). For example, a Hispanic female may experience "negative communication" with her husband regarding their expectations regarding the role the wife should play at home if she does not share the values of machismo and marianismo. Similarly, an acculturated individual (e.g., someone who shares most values, lifestyle situations, and beliefs in the American culture) may experience "marital conflicts" with a less acculturated partner who recently emigrated to the United States from a country with very distinct values, beliefs, and lifestyle situations.

Another example of the application of V-Code 61.1 in a cultural context is the impact of intertribal marriages on the discipline of their children. For example, in the Hopi tribe the wife is primarily responsible for the management of children, whereas in the Cherokee tribe both husband and wife share the discipline of children. Thus, a Cherokee woman who marries a Hopi man would express "marital discord" with her husband if he shows no concerns regarding the discipline of their children (Ho, 1992; Paniagua, 1998).

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