General principles of psychological treatment and of medication treatment are discussed in Chapters 22 and 23 respectively. I will now discuss how these are applied in the specific case of anxiety disorders.

Simple explanation and advice are helpful to most patients, and may themselves be sufficient in milder transient episodes. Explanation, particularly regarding the causes of physical symptoms, is important. Simple lifestyle advice regarding exercise and diet, and avoidance of excess alcohol, caffeine, and smoking may be relevant.

Self-help through reading, sometimes dignified with the term 'bibliotherapy', can be useful as well, and Helen Kennerley's Overcoming Anxiety (2006) is widely recommended.

Free Yourself from Panic Attacks

Free Yourself from Panic Attacks

With all the stresses and strains of modern living, panic attacks are become a common problem for many people. Panic attacks occur when the pressure we are living under starts to creep up and overwhelm us. Often it's a result of running on the treadmill of life and forgetting to watch the signs and symptoms of the effects of excessive stress on our bodies. Thankfully panic attacks are very treatable. Often it is just a matter of learning to recognize the symptoms and learn simple but effective techniques that help you release yourself from the crippling effects a panic attack can bring.

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