See overvalued idea

In psychoanalysis, defence mechanism of unconsciously modelling oneself on some other person. Said to be important in personality development, especially of the superego (cf. conscience).

Person with learning difficulty who can nevertheless do elaborate arithmetic or memory tasks.

Misinterpretation of a real sensory stimulus, often coloured by emotion; for example, fear making a person see a shadow as an assailant.

In animal behaviour, rapid learning or behavioural patterning at critical points in development. Relevance in man is unclear.

Mood incongruous to situation/thought content. See word salad.

The process by which the unique individual personality is formed.

Amines (e.g. serotonin) with an indole ring in their chemical structure.

Difficulty in falling asleep.

The patient's understanding of whether he is ill, his need for treatment, etc.

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