Section 3 Admission for treatment

Patient: must have a mental disorder as for Section 2, but if the disorder is psychopathic disorder or mental impairment, there are further requirements that treatment must be considered likely to alleviate or prevent deterioration of the condition. This section permits treatment, as well as detention, against the patient's will.

Duration: up to 6 months and then renewable; it must be reviewed before expiry.

Right of appeal: to a Mental Health Review Tribunal within the first 6 months, and then once within each renewal period. Review by a tribunal is automatically carried out after 6 months if the patient has not already applied for a hearing. Renewal is appropriate if treatment is likely to alleviate, or prevent deterioration in, the patient's condition, or (for mental illness or severe mental impairment) the patient, if discharged, would be unlikely to be able to care for himself or obtain the care he needs, or to guard himself against serious exploitation. The nearest relative can also apply for discharge.

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