Dementia delirium and other organic brain syndromes

(see Chapter 10)

Case example

A woman of 83 had been diagnosed as suffering from moderate to severe dementia of Alzheimer's type, but was able to remain at home because of the devoted care of her 62-year-old daughter. Her behaviour became much more agitated and confused over a period of 2 days, alternating with periods of drowsiness; her urine had become foul-smelling over this time. The GP and community psychiatric nurse diagnosed acute-on-chronic confusion due to urinary tract infection, and continued to look after the patient at home, for her daughter wished to avoid hospital admission. With antibiotics, a change of catheter, and some sedation with small doses of chlorpromazine, the patient's condition returned to normal over a few days. Her daughter nevertheless appeared exhausted, and regular respite care admissions were arranged to ease her burden.

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