Clinical features

Sociopaths, most of whom are male, consistently behave in ways that are unacceptable to their culture and damaging to themselves, but seem unable to learn from experience. They seek immediate pleasures without considering the long-term consequences, and are unable to make lasting relationships with others, although some possess great superficial charm and are skilled in casual contacts. Subjects often report frequent changes of job, frequent moves of residence, and multiple sexual partners, and live under stress of their own making. They often become depressed at such times and/or experience transient delusions or hallucinations. Drug or alcohol misuse and criminal behaviour are frequent. 'Inadequate', 'aggressive', and 'creative' types have been described. Many prison inmates have sociopathic traits.

Alcohol No More

Alcohol No More

Do you love a drink from time to time? A lot of us do, often when socializing with acquaintances and loved ones. Drinking may be beneficial or harmful, depending upon your age and health status, and, naturally, how much you drink.

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