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According to the NIDA, the most effective treatments for amphetamine addiction are cognitive-behavioral interventions. These are psychotherapeutic approaches that help the individual learn to identify their problematic patterns of thoughts and beliefs, and to change them. As a result of changed thoughts and beliefs, feelings become more manageable and less painful. They also help individuals increase their skills for coping with life's stressors. Amphetamine recovery groups, and Narcotics Anonymous also appear to help, along with cognitive-behavioral interventions.

No specific medications are known to exist that are helpful for treating amphetamine dependence. On occasion, antidepressant medications can help combat the depressive symptoms frequently experienced by newly abstinent amphetamine users.

Overdoses of amphetamines are treated in established ways in emergency rooms. Because hyperthermia (elevated body temperature), and convulsions are common, emergency room treatment focuses on reducing body temperature and administering anticonvulsant medications.

Acute methamphetamine intoxication is often handled by observation in a safe, quiet environment. When extreme anxiety or panic is part of the reaction, treatment with anti-anxiety medications may be helpful. In cases of methamphetamine-induced psychoses, short-term use of antipsychotic medications is usually successful.

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