The purpose of assertiveness training is to teach persons appropriate strategies for identifying and acting on their desires, needs, and opinions while remaining respectful of others. This form of training is tailored to the needs of specific participants and the situations they find particularly challenging. Assertiveness training is a broad approach that can be applied to many different personal, academic, health care, and work situations.

Learning to communicate in a clear and honest fashion usually improves relationships within one's life. Women in particular have often been taught to hide their real feelings and preferences, and to try to get their way by manipulation or other indirect means. Specific areas of intervention and change in assertiveness training include conflict resolution, realistic goal-setting, and stress management. In addition to emotional and psychological benefits, taking a more active approach to self-determination has been shown to have positive outcomes in many personal choices related to health, including being assertive in risky sexual situations; abstaining from using drugs or alcohol; and assuming responsibility for self-care if one has a chronic illness like diabetes or cancer.

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