Benztropine should never be used in children under age three. It should be used cautiously and with close physician supervision in older children and in the elderly. Benztropine, like all anticholinergic drugs, decreases sweating and the body's ability to cool itself. People who are unaccustomed to being outside in hot weather should take care to stay as cool as possible and drink extra fluids. People who are chronically ill, have a central nervous system disease, or who work outside during hot weather may need to avoid taking benztropine.

People who have the following medical problems may experience increased negative side effects when taking benztropine. Anyone with these problems should discuss their condition with their physician before starting the drug:

glaucoma, especially closed-angle glaucoma

• intestinal obstruction

prostate enlargement

• urinary bladder obstruction

Although rare, some patients experience euphoria while taking benztropine and may abuse it for this reason. Euphoria can occur at doses only two to four times the normal daily dose. Patients with a history of drug abuse should be observed carefully for benztropine abuse.

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