Autistic psychopathy—Hans Asperger's original s name for the condition now known as Asperger's s disorder. It is still used occasionally as a synonym for the disorder. r

DSM—Abbreviation for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a handbook for mental health professionals that includes lists of symptoms that indicate specific diagnoses. The text is periodically revised, and the latest version was published in 2000 and is called DSM-IV-TR, for Fourth Edition, Text Revised.

Gillberg's criteria—A six-item checklist for AS developed by Christopher Gillberg, a Swedish researcher. It is widely used in Europe as a diagnostic tool.

High-functioning autism (HFA)—A subcategory of autistic disorder consisting of children diagnosed with IQs of 70 or higher. Children with AS are often misdiagnosed as having HFA.

Nonverbal learning disability (NLD)—A learning disability syndrome identified in 1989 that may overlap with some of the symptoms of AS.

Pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs)—A

category of childhood disorders that includes Asperger's syndrome and Rett's disorder. The PDDs are sometimes referred to collectively as autistic spectrum disorders.

Semantic-pragmatic disorder—A term that refers to the difficulty that children with AS and some forms of autism have with pragmatic language skills. Pragmatic language skills include knowing the proper tone of voice for a given context, using humor appropriately, making eye contact with a conversation partner, maintaining the appropriate volume of one's voice, etc.

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