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Anorexia nervosa—An eating disorder character- i ized by an intense fear of weight gain accompa- w nied by a distorted perception of one's own underweight body.

Bulimia nervosa—An eating disorder characterized by binges in which large amounts of food are consumed, followed by forced vomiting.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy—An approach to psychotherapy that emphasizes the correction of distorted thinking patterns and changing oneis behaviors accordingly.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder—Disorder in which the affected individual has an obsession (such as a fear of contamination, or thoughts he or she doesn't like to have and can't control) and feels compelled to perform a certain act to neutralize the obsession (such as repeated handwash-ing).

Panic disorder—An anxiety disorder in which an individual experiences sudden, debilitating attacks of intense fear.

Phobia—Irrational fear of places, things, or situations that lead to avoidance.

Rational emotive therapy—A form of psychotherapy developed by Albert Ellis and other psychotherapists based on the theory that emotional response is based on the subjective interpretation of events, not on the events themselves.

ticularly high (65%) correlation of kleptomania in patients with bulimia.

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