Bipolar disorders

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Bipolar disorders is the name given to a group of mental disorders characterized by extreme fluctuations in i- Bipolar disorder not otherwise specified—

"5 Disorder of mood involving mood swings that do not meet criteria for other disorders specified above.

Bipolar disorders—Disorders characterized by wide fluctuations in mood.

Bipolar I disorder—A major mood disorder characterized by full-blown manic episodes, often interspersed with episodes of major depression.

Bipolar II disorder—Disorder with major depressive episodes and mild manic episodes known as hypomania.

Cyclothymic disorder—A relatively mild mood disorder characterized by mood swings between mild depression to mild mania.

Depression—A mental state characterized by excessive sadness. Other symptoms include altered sleep patterns, thoughts of suicide, difficulty concentrating, agitation, lack of energy, and loss of enjoyment in activities that are usually pleasurable.

Hypomania—A milder form of mania which is characteristic of bipolar II disorder.

Mania—An elevated or euphoric mood or irritable state that is characteristic of bipolar I disorder. This state is characterized by mental and physical hyperactivity, disorganization of behavior, and inappropriate elevation of mood.

mood. People diagnosed with bipolar disorders experience moods ranging from deepest depression to mania, often with periods of less extreme moods, or even emotional stability, in between.

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