The Bender Gestalt Test is an individually administered pencil and paper test used to make a diagnosis of brain injury. There are nine geometric figures drawn in black. These figures are presented to the examinee one at a time; then, the examinee is asked to copy the figure on a blank sheet of paper. Examinees are allowed to erase, but cannot use any mechanical aids (such as rulers). The popularity of this test among clinicians is most likely the short amount of time it takes to administer and score. The average amount of time to complete the test is five to ten minutes.

The Bender Gestalt Test lends itself to several variations in administration. One method requires that the examinee view each card for five seconds, after which the card is removed. The examinee draws the figure from memory. Another variation involves having the examinee draw the figures by following the standard procedure.

The examinee is then given a clean sheet of paper and asked to draw as many figures as he or she can recall. Last, the test is given to a group, rather than to an individual (i.e., standard administration). It should be noted that these variations were not part of the original test.

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