Causes of dementia

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Common causes of dementia include:

Alzheimer's disease (common, dominant memory impairment with gradual decline).

• Vascular dementia (fluctuating course?).

• Pick's disease (prominent frontal lobe signs, disinhibition, primitive reflexes).

• Dementia with parkinsonism (e.g. Lewy body dementia).

• Normal pressure hydrocephalus (gait disorder, urinary incontinence and cognitive decline).

• Creutzfeld-Jakob disease (rare, rapid decline, myoclonus [though this can be seen in other dementias]).

Treatable causes of dementia include:


• Vitamin B12 deficiency.

• Cerebral vasculitis neurosyphylis.

• Hydrocephalus.

• Frontal lobe meningioma.

• Medication related.

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