Significance to humans

Apart from an occasional food source, the smaller species of daysurids seem not to have had great significance for aboriginal peoples. The larger, more distinctive species like quolls, were frequently totemic species and had dreaming histories and individual names that persisted long after they became extinct in a region.

Long Tailed Planigale

1. Long-tailed planigale {Planigale ingrami); 2. Long-tailed dunnart {Sminthopsis longicaudata); S. Brush-tailed phascogale {Phascogale tapoatafa); 4. Pilbara ningaui {Ningaui timealeyi); 5. Kultarr {Antechinomys laniger). {Illustration by Emily Damstra)

Pilbara Ningaui

1. Speckled dasyure {Neophascogale lorentzi); 2. Southern dibbler {Parantechinus apicalis); S. Mulgara {Dasycercus cristicauda); 4. Brown an-techinus {Antechinus stuartii); 5. Tasmanian devil {Sarcophilus laniarius); 6. Chuditch {Dasyurus geoffroii). {Illustration by Emily Damstra)

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