The numbat stands out among Australian mammals in being exclusively diurnal, probably as a consequence of their termite diet. Seasonal patterns in daily activity correspond closely to the abundance of termites in galleries close to the surface. Numbats are active in the warmer parts of the day, from mid-morning until late afternoon, except in the hottest part of sum-

mer, when they divide their activity into two periods: dawn until midday and then late afternoon. When not active, num-bats sleep in hollow logs or trees, or underground burrows that they have dug themselves. They make a nest in a den with grass or shredded bark, and they regularly use more than one den. Numbats are solitary except when females are rearing young and occupy home ranges from which other individuals of the same sex are excluded. Young disperse in December and have been recorded moving in excess of 9 mi (15 km).

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