Significance to humans

Occasionally accused of robbing oil palms for their nuts, but not regarded as a major pest. The large anomalures are highly dependent on particular species of tree and require tall trees, with a clear sub-canopy and enough old trees to provide an abundance of holes. Hence they are vulnerable to habitat disturbance. Many of their food tree species are valued commercially for timber.

Idiurus Macrotis

1. Beecroft's anomalure (Anomalurus beecrofti); 2. Zenker's flying mouse (Idiurus zenkeri); 3. Big-eared flying mouse (Idiurus macrotis); 4. Lord Derby's anomalure (Anomalurus derbianus); 5. Lesser anomalure (Anomalurus pusillus); 6. Pel's anomalure (Anomalurus pelii); 7. Cameroon scaly-tail (Zenkerella insignis). (Illustration by Barbara Duperron)

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