Significance to humans

The Cephalophinae represent an essential source of protein and income throughout the forest regions of Central and West Africa. There is ample evidence that the current levels of hunting are unsustainable. In addition, the dwarf duikers are prized by trophy hunters, who seek to add full body mounts of the smaller animals to their collections.

1. Ogilby's duiker (Cephalophus ogilbyi); 2. Black duiker (Cephalophus niger); S. Bay duiker (Cephalophus dorsalis); 4. Yellow-backed duiker (Cephalophus silvicultor). (Illustration by Brian Cressman)

1. Zebra duiker (Cephalophus zebra); 2. Red-flanked duiker (Cephalophus rufilatus); 3. Jentink's duiker (Cephalophus jentinki); 4. Maxwell's duiker (Cephalophus maxwelli). (Illustration by Brian Cressman)

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