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Brian Douglas Hoyle, PhD

Class Mammalia Order Rodentia Suborder Hystricognathi Family Echimyidae

Thumbnail description

Rat- to cat-sized rodents with large heads, and (in many species) spines in the fur of their backs; even species lacking spines, however, have another echimyid character: the presence of only four toes and a vestigial pollex (thumb)


Head and body 4.13-18.9 in (10.5-48.0 cm); tail 0.2-16.5 in (0.5-42.0 cm); weight 0.46-2.9 lb (210-1,300 g)

Number of genera, species

20 genera; 78 species


Rainforests, savannas, agricultural habitats, swamps, parks, and beach vegetation

Conservation status

Extinct: 3 species; Critically Endangered: 1 species; Vulnerable: 5 species; Lower Risk/Near Threatened: 9 species; Data Deficient: 5 species

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