Reproductive biology

The breeding biology of most species is poorly known or totally undescribed. The tropical species of flying squirrel breed aseasonally while those from temperate regions have short and clearly defined summer breeding seasons. One litter per year is normal for most species; although Glaucomys has been reported to have two litters, while the aseasonal Hylopetes is highly variable with as long as 17 months between litters.

Most species give birth to small litters, typically only one or two young. A few of the smaller species have larger litters and southern flying squirrel can produce up to seven young. The young are generally small at birth and all but one genus produces offspring that are blind and naked or very sparsely furred at birth. The exception is the dwarf flying squirrels (Petinomys) that give birth to comparatively large, fully furred offspring with their eyes open. These infants can climb and start to eat solids when only one day old. In Glaucomys, ges-

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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