Reproductive biology

In captivity, cane rats are polygynous and the same is expected for the wild. The gestation period is 156 days (range is 137-172 days). It is possible for them to have two litters per annum, with litter sizes ranging from one to five young and even eight. Newborn young are precocial, meaning fully furred with open eyes. Mass at birth varies from 2.7 to 7.2 oz (75-204

g). Three pairs of teats are situated high on the sides of the abdomen, and females suckle their young while standing or lying on their bellies. The young are weaned at about four weeks. They stay with the parents until about five months when they become sexually mature. At this age, in captivity, the dominant male starts showing aggressive behavior towards the young males. Dominant young males also show aggressive behavior towards their brothers. Young females are not bothered. Cane rats produce throughout the year although birth peaks occur at certain times of the year, presumably during rainy seasons when more food is available. In captivity, birth can occur any time males and females are placed together.

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