Physical characteristics

The neotragines are the smallest of the antelope. They range in body shape from crouched and hare-like, to compact and stocky, and to lean and graceful. They weigh 3.9-48

lb (1.8-22 kg) and range in height from 10 to 26 in (25-67 cm). Females are 5-15% larger than males, but this sexual dimorphism does not extend to coloration. Body color varies from pale gray to dark reddish brown to sandy, and the belly is white or cream. Ears are medium to large and often have distinctive markings in their white lining that allows individual identification of animals. Tails are medium to short. Only males possess horns and these are dagger-like, straight, and sharp. Hooves, horns, and eyes are black. The dwarf antelope is characterized by a prevalence of scent glands, most notably the pre-orbital gland, but also pedal, inguinal, and others.

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