Physical characteristics

All species in the family Leporidae have basic brown or gray soft fur with relatively long legs, feet, and ears. The tail is short and bushy. Some northern forms turn white for winter, and two are striped. The family can be split into two groups, hares and rabbits, based on morphology and ecology. The hare group includes all hares and jackrabbits in the genus Lepus, hereafter called hares. The rabbit group consists of the remaining genera in the family, despite that they are sometimes also known as hares (for example, hispid hares) here after called rabbits. Hares have long legs and can reach considerable running speed. They also have longer ears, usually with black tips, and are, overall, larger than rabbits. The body length of hares is 15-30 in (40-75 cm), with a weight of 3-13.2 lb (1,350-6,000 g). Rabbits, on the other hand, have shorter legs and are generally smaller: 10-20 in (25-50 cm); 14 oz-6.6 lb (400-3,000 g).

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