Physical characteristics

The Cephalophinae vary considerably in size. Their body shape is consistent across species, and designed for traveling through dense vegetation. They have arched bodies, short forelegs, long hind limbs, and strong hindquarters. Females are often as much as 4% longer and may be taller than males. Cephalophinae weigh 9-176 lb (6-80 kg) and reach shoulder heights of 12-34 in (30-85 cm). Their coats are coarse and generally reddish brown, with a white underbelly. However, their coloring can range from pale gray to dark brown or black, and several species have unique coat colors and patterns. Tails may be as short as 1.5 in (4 cm) or as long as 6 in (15 cm). A hair tuft between a pair of short, ridged horns is common. Duikers have large, gash-like scent glands beneath the eye.

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