Old World rats and mice Murinae

Class Mammalia Order Rodentia Suborder Sciurognathi Family Muridae Subfamily Murinae

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Old World rats and mice can grow up to the size of rabbits and have long tails, either furry or scaly, sometimes longer than the body itself; aquatic species may use their tails as rudders and others use their tails and unique opposable digits on their front feet to climb; characteristics vary widely, but all Murinae have a row of tubercles on the inside of their upper molars


Number of genera, species

122 genera; 529 species, with more identified annually


Forests, fields, bushes, flatlands, steppes, etc.; some are aquatic, some live in burrows, tunnels, beneath logs or other forms of shelter, or in nests; also can live in trees, in sewers and cellars, and in various parts of houses

Conservation status

Critically Endangered: 18 species; Endangered: 33 species; Vulnerable: 56 species



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