Harvest mouse

Micromys minutus


Micromys minutus (Pallas, 1771), Ulyanovsk, Russia. OTHER COMMON NAMES

English: Old World harvest mouse; French: Souris des moissons; German: Eurasiatische zwergmaus; Spanish: Raton espiguero.


One of the smallest rodents: length 2.1-2.9 in (5.5-7.5 cm); tail 1.9-2.7 in (5-7 cm); weight 0.17-0.24 oz (5-7 g). Brownish color with lighter tint on top, its fur grows longer in the winter, and it has small ears, broad feet, and no hair on the top of the end of its tail, which is semi-prehensile. Its feet are adapted to a climbing lifestyle.


Generally found where there is high grass, specifically in northern Eurasia. It is also distributed throughout Siberia, Korea, China, Great Britain, Japan, and Taiwan.


Lives in high grass, in areas such as pastures, grain fields, and rice fields. It can also be found in bamboo thickets. The animal

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