Gazelles springboks and saiga antelopes


Class Mammalia Order Artiodactyla Suborder Ruminantia Family Bovidae Subfamily Antilopinae

Thumbnail description

Small- to medium-sized, slender-limbed and thin-necked herbivores characterized by a back that is straight or slightly higher at the croup, a pair of horns always present in males and sometimes present in females, narrow crowns of the molars, a hairy muzzle, many skin glands throughout the body, a four-chambered stomach, and a similar body color in the two sexes


Head and body length of 2.8-5.6 ft (85-170 cm), tail length of 2.4-13.8 in (6-35 cm), shoulder height of 1.8-2.8 ft (54-84 cm), horn length (when present) of 3-19 in (8-48 cm), and weight of 26-128 lb (12-58 kg)

Number of genera, species

7 genera; 20 species


Woodlands, plains, steppes, deserts, and other similar areas

Conservation status

Critically Endangered: 2 species; Endangered: 3 species; Vulnerable: 6 species; Lower Risk/Conservation Dependent: 6 species; Lower Risk/Near Threatened: 3 species


Africa and Asia


Africa and Asia

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