Feeding ecology and diet

Nearly all neotragines browse selectively on high-protein, low-fiber portions of a huge range of bushes, herbs, and trees. This includes, but is not limited to, fresh shoots, leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, fungi, and fruits. Frequent consumption of grasses is rarely seen in this group except in the oribi for which green grasses comprise 60-95% of the diet. Several species have been observed to eat soil and chew on bones, presumably to ingest minerals that are otherwise in short supply. An imals also are known to occasionally eat nestlings or other sources of animal protein when encountered opportunistically.

Foraging occurs at any time of day or night, depending on weather conditions and proximity of potential threats. Species in this group also spend a great deal of their time lying down and ruminating. Most species are extremely efficient at maintaining water balance and require little or no access to open water.

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