Evolution and systematics

Representative lineages of the family Chinchillidae extend from the Oligocene to the Recent in South America. Members of this family are placed in the superfamily Chin-chilloidea. Determination of the closest relative of chinchilloids has been difficult. Based on postcranial features and musculature, it has been suggested that chinchilloids shared a common ancestry with the New World porcupine superfamily Erethizontoidea. On the other hand, recent molecular phylogenetic studies are indicative of a strong relationship between the families Chinchillidae and Dinomyidae. Within the family, the Andean genera Lagidium and Chinchilla appear most closely related with Lagostomus being the most divergent lineage. Some taxonomic controversy persists over the recognition of Chinchilla lanigera as a distinct species from C. brevicaudata.

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