Springhares are widely distributed throughout southern and eastern Africa. Their range extends from South Africa

A springhare (Pedetes capensis) sleeping in its burrow. (Photo by Animals Animals ©C.-Par Houghton, OSF. Reproduced by permission.)

north to Angola and the southern Congo and northeast to Kenya but excludes eastern Zambia, southeastern and western Tanzania, and eastern and northern Kenya. They are present in areas of higher elevation (e.g., in Natal) but are absent from some coastal regions of South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya and from the coastal fringes of the Namib Desert in Namibia. Some reports state that they occur neither in the east nor the northeast of Zimbabwe and in Mozambique only from the Sabi River southwards to about 25°S but no further. Distribution patterns indicate that springhares avoid rocky ground. In Kenya, they are sometimes found on "black cotton" soil that has a high clay contents and becomes quite hard when dry.

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