Dikdiks beiras grysboks and steenboks


Class Mammalia Order Artiodactyla Suborder Ruminantia Family Bovidae Subfamily Neotraginae

Thumbnail description

Small graceful antelopes, females typically larger than males; simple spike horns in males only; well-developed scent glands for olfactory communication; primarily selective browsers


Body length 16-42 in (40-112 cm); shoulder height 10-26 in (25-67 cm); 3.9-48 lb (1.8-22 kg)

Number of genera, species

6 genera; 13 species


Forest, woodland, mixed woodland, savanna, scrub, sub-desert, reed beds, hilltops, and flood plains

Conservation status

Vulnerable: 2 species; Lower Risk/Near Threatened: 2 species; Lower Risk/Conservation Dependent: 5 species; Lower Risk/Least Concern: 4 species


Sub-Saharan Africa


Sub-Saharan Africa

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