Conservation status

A total of 122 species within the Bovidae is listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The listing statistics for this family are: Extinct: 4 species; Extinct in Wild: 2 species; Critically Endangered: 7 species; Endangered: 20 species; Vulnerable: 25 species; and Lower Risk: 64 species. Hence, 58 of these 122 species, or 47%, are listed in categories of conservation concern.

In most cases, threats to wild Bovidae come from loss of habitat as human populations increase and require more land for agriculture and exploitation of natural resources. Hunting for meat probably plays a slightly lesser role, although it does have significant and negative impacts in many areas, such as Africa, where poaching involving setting of hundreds of snares in an area can indiscriminately kill many different species. Increased access through the development of roads and jeep trails also adds to the risk of animals being killed, as does the ready availability of weapons that have accompanied the proliferation of armed conflicts around the world.

Most countries have protected area systems that help in the conservation of bovids and their habitat. They also have various laws regulating hunting. The main issue, however, is how well these laws and protected areas are enforced. In some parts of the world, trophy-hunting programs are established for conservation purposes. Only a limited number of animals are killed and the funds generated by this activity are used to benefit the animals harvested, often by creating incentives for local people to help protect the species and its habitat.

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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