Conservation status

The IUCN lists one species as Critically Endangered (Makalata occasius); five species as Vulnerable (Chaetomys sub-spinosus, Clyomys bishopi, Diplomys rufodorsalis, Echimys chrysurus,

Five Pictures Mammals
A spiny rat (Thrichomys apereoides) with young. (Photo by Claus Meyer/Minden Pictures. Reproduced by permission.)
A male Venezuelan spiny rat (Proechimys amphichoricus) on a tree branch. (Photo by Rexford Lord/Photo Researchers, Inc. Reproduced by permission.)

E. thomasi); nine species as Lower Risk/Near Threatened (Carterodon sulcidens, Diplomys caniceps, Echimys blainvillei, Isothrix bistriata, I. pagurus, Olallamys albicauda, O. edax, Proechimys albispinus, P. gorgonae); and five species as Data Deficient (Dactylomys peruanus, Echimys pictus, E. rhipidurus, Mesomys didelphoides, M. obscurus).

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